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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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them a true place to call hem. >> hi, i'm d i'm a native san franciscan born and raised pr and my story is the same as many people here. i want to save my family home my family all died and went to heaven i was here a woman of a certain age i've made a living as a performing artist for 45 years and when i returned here there was no jobs so i recreated a new family so b and b gave me a short time situation i preserved my home people came in and got to share the history of '75 years of san francisco i got to make plans from all over the
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world that was important for me to recreate a family on on the west side i opened up a neighborhood for people all over the world bringing up back west portal down to the grove over the to zoo and do you know know down to ocean beach west side is a wonderful side west portal an important part of the city. i do support the tax or so which b and b is working on and the insurance part and thank you. i have to say goodbye now >> 25 seconds i'm opposed to the registry i don't put in my address and b and b as a verification so i look at my
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intersection i can match their face i don't want people to know where i live and at the maximum days will definitely not been able to stay thank you. >> good evening true market economies have multiple players and entrance into the economy this is just enough piece of that economy. growing up and becoming technology feasible. i've done quite a bit which work with the scc and pier to pier. it works and pier to pier lending or pier to pier ride sharing or pier to pier home sharing it did work and brings good well a little bit about my
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background we've done a lot of work with a company in the city that wouldn't have the type of support that that would have had what did you do some is of the commissioners in california. that was very important for us in push the legislation to the united states government that's something that is, you know, if we're truly a progressive city and i think of ourselves this is another piece of the pie, you know, falling into plays and like people have said this is going to happen and happening right now so an important part ever it a understanding it and being able to put accurate controls around it and really grasping you can what are the main risk factors out there so you hear different horror stories and you hear really,
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really good things i wouldn't let the couple of bad apples spoil a piece of legislation. thanks. >> hello commissioners, thank you very much for letting me me to speak about home sharing i'm v and i'm also a host with b and b and ami i've been hosting since 2012 and not have complaint from my neighbors or anyone in the community that had bad experiences with people coming out of my house one of the things that is great about b and b you get to read the reviews before you accept the reservation you can be discrete
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pa u that way it is appropriate for your community and neighbors so being in a community out in the outer sunset i'm very, very concerned because of the fact there are skids around and people are living in their homes and come home from work so when i pick wants guests i also pick the ones that know tare coming in a place surround by people living there okay. not a commercial district or a hotel. and without air b and b i wouldn't be able to stay in my home i'm sure you're aware of property taxed is high in san francisco i'm paying $9,000 a year i'm able to meet great people from all around the world i've hosted people coming over from san francisco after they've found a job and needed a place
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to traerl stay while blackwell for a permanent home fittings that's not for people traveling but people who are looking for a place to live so i really implower to please, please let us continue to do what we're doing. thank you. >> good evening, commissioners my name is jannen new representing the san francisco apartment association that repeals providers here in san francisco. i too like many of you live here and i've also been sitting here listening to the testimony about a quarter to 3 today, the only thing i've heard that anybody agreed on was single-family
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dwellings that want to rent out a room for center income should be allowed to do that this is the only thing that people agree with everything else is up in the air. i just want to alert you to one thing there's a thirty day rule in san francisco that no one was rent a dwelling unit for less than thirty days so none of my taerpts can rent out a dwenl distinctly for less than thirty days you, however, tenants are doing that i want to brauks this can jeopardize the whole thing there is no court that is going to look at this as fair rent control law this body showed up
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be burdened with making a decision on this complex piece of legislation and other cities in our country new orleans for one that i trafrld to has a citywide task force that is made up of cities officials and hotel owners to examine this law and come to 0 conclusion how travel websites should be governed i think we in san francisco whether you or the mayor's office should do something similar its way two complicated thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment. >> hi i moved to san francisco
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14 years ago now and i've been using b and b i grew up in europe i've traveled using home sharing in france and skrooed pittsburgh it's been there for years before b and b excited we've heard scare tactics it's been around for a very long time i live in the mission i deal with residential hotels they're much more upper save and their residents are anymore unrule i didn't than my guests i want to make a moral case to do that without a time limit. i like the legislation and the tax but let me talk about the number of taser it's it the not favor i have tens of thousands
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of dollars in student loans and being able to rent my unit full time when i travel helps me to pay for school otherwise i'll have to get a jobs as a waitress i went to the academy of arts university i have a lot of loans i hear all the comments about tenants rights and how we we have to have stock for the tenants again, i work 10 hours a day and put my soul into that i'm not sure why i have to provide housing for other people it's extremely unfair and unjust one other thing people who come and stay with me from air b and b they wouldn't be staying in hotels this is a different group
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they're not able to come and afford you know staying at the hoyt for 10 days it's a red herring >> thank you very much. and commissioners i'm brad, i he was here for a cac meeting but i got to hear the testimony we have to focus on the big picture the mayor has a professionally proposal to build thirty thousand units of housing we're going all we can but the net increase in how's is the real issue if we build 3 thousand or 5 thousand units a year and loss those to other kinds of conversions we're not going to reach that goal i have friends that rent for b and b they do it for a week when they go on vacation that's something that
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makes sense but whether a unit is a at that particular time unit for someone it the issue if someone is buying up a this and representing for b and b it's a chronicle staring story that's making far more money. so there are a few ways to control the number of days a year your staff is recommending 90 days that's a fair number if you do 90 days by 3 days a missouri night $200 a night it's $18,000 a year for student loans when you start letting people out one hundred and 80 days that's hard to monitor you have
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to be careful and i'll urge you to take your time we can't be losing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds rental unit so they can turn them into hotels. trade and be able to afford a vacation but you have to put limits only how many cases a year you can do this >> is there any additional public comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed and opening it up to commissioners. commissioner antonini. that maybe a record i'm trying to think back to the home depot that had a lot of testimony i'll have to ask staff but very interesting discussion and i thought it was well ground. we have a global realty people
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appointment hive heard that you're going one approach air b and b for example they have more rooms to rent worldwide than the high pressure system or sheraton or merry mount the key so regulate this in a way that everyone tonight has had no objection to the taxes that should be there are and be able to benefit from the activity that is going on in the city and use those taxes someone suggested affordable housing which is a very good use of the tax or so i think that in is done in the right manner revery beneficial in solving some of the problems in san francisco. i have experience with that a number of people talked about the experiences in europe actively when i invest europe my other time in 1972 my wife and i
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had a limited amount of money the way it was done you went to the train station and look at the brutal board and you'll call them up and they'd say come over and it made the trip affordable. but there's all sort of things but now with the platform that exist and allows this to not have to go to the train station. it allows people to stay in san francisco and at rates they can afford maybe they can't afford the hotel rates so i think this option is there and on the west side of town there are almost no hotels. there are no bed-and-breakfast and very few places for people to stay if they don't have the availability to be able to rent
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in people's homes. so i think many of the people's spoke about the fears units are being taken off the market and used for short term rentals we're not alleging that legislation but when we get even though the protective in basing place those types of rentals will to the be xrient everything i've read in president chiu's legislation and the staff put before us requires there be a tenant an owner or a tenants in as the preliminary resident and they are sub letting their unit either additional space within the unit or the unit themselves for a certain period of time. so anyone who any situation
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where there's not a resident in place would be violation of the ordinance. in the a step to address the problem about losing elementary rental units they'll be in violation. i have a few thoughts on the parts of proposal. i don't think anyone disagrees with the residents is 2 hundred and 75 days a year nobody has any arguments that's a reasonable thing. the register i think has to be with the city there has to be an assignment of the money and an address but this should remain confidential and lots of things we file with government like tax returns they know where we are and if we're in violation they know where to get us this could
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be the is that you and wanting to complaint about a particular property they'll look at the address and check the residents 0 and we don't have to have everyone's names. another issue not discussed today but mentioned in the legislation who may sue and who may not sue. cities are going down the wrong road. there are laws and the courts will decide whether a lawsuit is a valid one or not and trying to dictate who is allowed to file suit we should be silent on in. we have to, of course, ask for documents to establish the permanent residents and the register fees are a tricky one there was a talk about 50
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needing $100 we're going to have to make the whole revenue jaifrtd generate to allow for regulation enforcement and inspectors now, some of this could come from the hotel tax the platforms will be paying, you know, but i mean, i think we have to look to make sure it's adequate to pay for the enforcement. we say should allow unlimited rental when the host is present and 90 days maximum when in their not present when they're not there 2 hundred and 75 days a year for those people who did speak a few people from the single-family neighborhood obtained but in the a use if properly policed it should be
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much less disruptive active where whole housing hours have been taken over for activities questionable one and illegal ones we know about it we have something that is where there is an owner there the majority of the time when we are register we have - we can police n this it wouldn't be disrupt active in terms of the records kept they've asked for two years of records i advocate for more it's not unreasonable to keep 3 years of records making sure those are filed on a basis and files with the platform. in fact, this should go through a platform there maybe a case where someone what rent their home or a room in their home
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independently but that's more of the model of the bed-and-breakfast but it may help our liberty problems so i think that would makes sense. and insurance was innovate issue it may have been to be over one million dollars liberty one person spoke was with an insurance firm talked about a master or commercial policy that might be able to be written with the help of the particular platform theiric through and spred the liberty and have deep pockets so it's not just the individual homeowner.
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i think on the the amount that renter can charge if renters are allowed i mean, i'll speak more to that that has to be negotiated with the landlord. this city should be silent upon that amount that will have to be negotiated it will absolutely from my vote be necessary that any renter will have to obtain permission preferring as part of the lease from the owner to have short term rentals in the building it makes sense that we have all the restrictions on owners and let residents just do whatever they want to it may help them but they interesting have to get permission from the landlord and in buildings with
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multiple unit maybe a case made that the other tenants within the 6 unit building would have to be compound they that wouldn't all have to be agreeable but the landlord would take their opinions take into consideration. rental platforms should collect and remit the hotel tax at the time the rental is made and i'm sure i've talked to one of them their will and there's legislation in portland it would be instruct thank you very much to find out what they did in portland and whether the planning department or the building inspection do so the inspectors i think planning is
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fib the two department can figure out that >> rentals in condominium situations with a little bit more difficult i think if there are condo unit being suzette sub let then i think the hoa has to allow for this the homeowners association and if they don't allow it they wouldn't be able to do it so far as the amount of time i would be supportive up to two hundred and 80 days so long as it's a hosted situation if they've got an center room they should be able to use that extra room for up to 90 days if they're not there it allows them to make their payments and pay their taxes but still have to be
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the preliminary tenant they're not taking space away from anybody and nobody is going to rent something for a 90 day period underlines in under the circumstances violations i think there is some i asked some of the staff for the amazes i think that that was not certain what we would be charging but $400; right? and it jumps up to one thousand for a second violation we need to pit teeth in this thing to make it very clear we will not tolerate, you know, is not following the laws. i think and also on the whole thing with the landlord i think it would be if it's in the lease and written there's a term to the lease that would have to be
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allowed for the term of lease if it's not in the lease a month to month the landowner what revoke it another will i depended on if it's a private agreement between the parties then they have to do it but there has to be small business and tracking the history of the rental unit is fine with me. and also in neighborhoods that have cc&rs many neighbors are cc&rs the dispensation to that someone renting a single-family unit will have to be allowed in the kraergs like is it fair to say are my one of the neighborhoods will have cc&rs. and then i think the idea i
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don't know if we're going to get through this today, i would be supportive of, you know, some kind of a workshop or staffer working with the supervisors office or other stakeholders over a period of 90 days if that's okay with the supervisors office and bring that back with some sort new recommendations i think staffs recommendation limiting it days to 90 especially for single-family homes those are my thoughts i'm supportive in trying to get something done we're not going to control the situation until we have protective in place >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you all for testifying unfortunately, we've got to get
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out of here by 8 i've render this room to a family from germany so thank you. i think it's helpful to hear from folks on all sides of the issue i agree with commissioner sugaya it's moved and it's not going to stop if we do do anything that will continue to happen people like this form of, you know, visiting and staying in place i've used it myself in turkey i don't also do it but it's useful. i applaud supervisor chiu. taking this on its easy to duck or punted open this or move on or wait until we get it perfect it's important we start
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collecting revenue and start rektd so 3 things global one to generate revenue and tax it and i think that's important which isn't part of the ordinance but b and b is working on that and prohibit units from being permanent taken off the market and entire units being used for b and b or short time rentals and the limit of 90 days the key whereby enforcement and to limit it global so it doesn't have a big impact on neighborhood character that's my lens. so the issues that came up i have a question for staff is the single-family remedy there's confusion as to whether you know
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it applies to single-family >> we wanted to make it specific. >> to have the same rules applies that applies to a condominium or other units would be important i support that recommendation. the other issue that came up a little bit was kind of and this is a bit technical why in the admin code why not have the accessory use >> i believe we didn't exactly spell that out but that's our intention to put that in the planning code and all likely hallowed a use to